A Beginner’s Guide For Mobile Chipset

We all know that there are some important things using to operate a mobile phone. Mobile chipset is one of them. It is a set of elements of an integrated circuit that is combined with the important things.

So long story short, a mobile chipset is the system of a device that has all the important components all together. Now you can say that, a mobile functions as the chipset-wise elements.  Today we are talking about the most hyped mobile chipset system. They are the Snapdragon chipsets by Qualcomm, the Exynos chipsets by Samsung, the Kirin chipsets by Huawei, Media Tek chipsets. These are on the best performance list.

Qualcomm chipsets:

If you research the Qualcomm chipsets you will find some amazing news about it. Its main navel was technology licensing. With that navel, this came with no foundries of Its own. Although they are the most well-known company in today’s generation.  Basically, it is a US-based company. The company started with CDMA technology in 1985. Though they had some other specialties on different things CDMA technology became their company criterion.  After that the procedure of their launching, in 1990 they totally tried to focus on technology licensing. They launched some hardware products. But after that, the 3G and 4G happened. These wireless interfaces need CMDA technology. To fulfill the need of licensing out, they continued the process again. It is known the best for the lineup of the chipsets. The chipsets are sold actually under the snapdragon brand since 2007. Talking about the chipsets, you must know that they had gone through such an iteration as you read the history. That is also needed for their successful path. Now, they are split into three tiers as their success touched the peak. There are some models you can choose from Qualcomm chipset. They are the 4xx line, the 6xx notation model, and the 8xx top-line model. They are at the best at Its model range. There is some line-up-ranged model you should know, the  14nm Snapdragon 430, the Snapdragon 625, the flagship Snapdragon 821. After that, there are so many who have come to the line of its successful mission. The Snapdragon 400. This had one impersonation to its system. As they have used Cortex-A7 cores and the other one with two Krait 300. To process other performance varieties that can be dependent on the asymmetrical clock speeds.

After that, the Snapdragon 410 came with some features. The Snapdragon 600 and Snapdragon 800 are the best of all the chipsets. Also, the Snapdragon 820 /821 shows us its best feature with octa-core chipsets.

Media Tek chipsets 

Suppose, you are searching for your mobile features and you can not find the Qualcomm sets. Then definitely it will be on the Media Tek’s team. Mostly this company’s chipsets are placed in low-budget mobiles and those are shipped from China. To the glance of the company’s past, it came from mainly United Micro Electronics Company which was situated in  1997. It had become the best Taiwan electronics company. After that, the journey has begun.

To describe the history of the Media Tek chipset, it is quite interesting. Today they are based company by their struggle. They are trying to cope up with the Qualcomm chipsets. Recently their Helio X20 and X25 has brought to the light and they are quite amazing with their core processor. They have a 20nm development process and 10 core designs and whopping clusters.

Though they are trying to touch the peak as Qualcomm does, they are quite left behind. They are improving day by day with their core processor settings and other stuff.

Samsung Exynos chipsets:

In the era of Qualcomm and the Media Tek, Samsung decided to fulfill their demands by their own. So the result is the Samsung Exynos chipsets. Basically, Samsung wanted something unique and they wanted to try something new. The Galaxy S series is the result of their new unique chipsets.

Samsung company is always proud of their foundries. So, their chipsets are using on iPhone as well. And it is quite interesting the fact that they are improving so far. The Samsung Galaxy S6 has a new feature and it is not placed with a Qualcomm processor. And, you will be surprised it is working amazingly. So you must tell, these chipsets have come along with some actual stuff. This is actually designed with a “Mongoose” custom core processor.

HiSilicon Kirin chipsets by Huawei

Are you planning to have a Huawei mobile phone for your own usage? If the answer is yes, then there is quite possible to have a Kirin chipset. As like Samsung, Huawei also wanted to do something new for their products. They introduced us to the HiSilicon Kirin chipsets. They started their journey with silicon and the other process named ASIC, an application-specific integrated circuit. There was a technology center which was founded in 1991. After some time their new challenges came and they focused on SoC design and the company renamed with HiSilicon technology in 2004. Like Qualcomm and the Media Tek, they are trying to face their difficulties and improving. They have some similarities with Samsung. As Samsung used their chipsets to their phone and they made some middle-range handsets as well. Huawei did the exactly same. Their latest collection named the Kirin 960, has brought to light some amazing features And Cortex-A73 core.

For them, it is a true achievement. They are improving day by day with a competitive path away.


When you are planning to buy a phone, then you must need some guidance regarding this. You will buy only what is necessary for you. For this, you need to know the differences and your own choice. This guidance will help you to decide by your need. Without a chipset, your phone will not work. And if you are buying for regular use, there need some chipset preference where the businessmen need another preference. Now, you know the actual drill. Voila! You can do the best choice for your gadget journey.



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