Best Mobile Operating System Tips You Will Read This Year

An operating system means a system that can help someone to operate with some process. So, a mobile operating system means an upward slope of development which is important for mobile and other devices. It basically works for the development of software running.

As you know there are some operating systems for computer, named Linux and Windows. So, for mobile devices, there also need some systems like that. But the problem is, you need some facile and easy system to operate. Those operating systems which are for computer, they have some other features. They are not fit for small devices. So, technologists think that they should invent some easy peasy system for mobile devices. Voila! Here we are enjoying the most amazing generation with every possibility.

Mobile operating system

There are many operating systems you can find for your mobile. You can find iPhone OS, RIM’s Blackberry, Symbian OS, Android, Windows, etc. There all are mobile operating systems that are executed from Linux and Unix.

The system actually goes on the built-in process with the internet connection and sim tray tool and other things. You can not your preferable mobile operating system by your own. This responsibility goes to the manufacturer of the brand from where you are buying the product. Now, we are going to discuss some operating systems.

  1. Android OS: Talking about the Android operating system, it is the most renowned in today’s generation of technology. It was manifested by Google. Android OS is a mobile-based system. It has basically emerged on Linux Kernel and open-source software. You will be surprised to know that the first Android OS was introduced in 2008. After that the improvement on the system is noticeable.
  2. Bada (Samsung Electronics): Today you are installing the application in no hurry. That is the result of Bada. This OS was introduced by Samsung. That time, they used their phone with this and now it becomes the most used OS. It introduced us to so many eligible features. This operating system was launched in 2010.
  3. BlackBerry OS: Research in Motion (RIM) introduced us to an operating system. BlackBerry OS is the result. Once upon a time, there was a handset named BlackBerry. This handset was placed with this OS. For those who are corporate users, this system was important. It provided Microsoft exchange and other business-related difficulties, solver.
  4. iPhone OS (iOS): This operating system is not applicable to any other mobile devices. It came with the intention of its device usage. Apple inc introduced this system ensuring full security services.
  5. Symbian OS: This operating system was introduced by the Symbian Ltd company in 1998. It focused on the range of mobile devices. Nokia was the first mobile device to use this operating system. This Symbian OS is based on java language with some extra facilities. It is a combination of personal information management and a wireless communication system.
  6. Windows Mobile OS: We all know about the Windows operating system. But back then, the story was no too easygoing. Basically, it came from Microsoft. As an operating system, it had to go through some development issues as it was designed for pocket computers. After that its development for mobile devices took the whole generation on another level.
  7. Harmony OS: Huawei wanted us to experience an even better operating system. It is planned for IoT devices. After that, the operating system was made for its own devices. Many devices used this OS since then.
  8. Palm OS: This operating system was introduced to us in 1996. The Palm LT brought it to the light. It has another name, Garnet OS. The company brought it to the light for the usage of personal digital assistants (PADs).
  9. Web OS (Palm/HP): The Web OS basically was from Palm Ltd. It was developed by the company itself. The whole process of this operating system depends on the Linus Kernel. Also, you definitely hear about the HP. The HP always takes up this operating system for their mobile devices and note pads.
  10. MeeGo OS (Nokia/Intel): It a joint service from Nokia and Intel. It is a mobile operating system for mobile devices, tablets, notebooks, and many electronic devices. There are some devices that used Intel Atom and ARMv7, this operating system also for them. Maemo (Nokia) and Moblin (Intel); these two products are in open source technology. From these, the Meego OS had come.


At the end:

It is a must to know the whereabouts of your gadgets. In today’s generation, people are doing things, but they do not want to find out what it actually is. That is not right. You should keep in mind every detail of the information. Also, you should find out the mobile operating system you are using through your mobile. Who knows? You will find out the most interesting stories.

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