Mobile Network Technology (1G,2G,3G,4G,5G)

We are in an epoch where everything seems interconnected. We are connected to one another. Mobile network technology is the kind of technology where everything and everyone has to be connected. It is that kind of technical feature where the user goes it also goes.

There are two forms of this system. You have to use two bearable intimation devices from two sides of users. Then the devices work in two forms, computing devices, and network systems. So, basically, the mobile network technology means when the two apparatuses from different sides work together to interconnect and also do the reckoning. In today’s generation, it has added some other spectacular angles to update the definition. It is updated with internet available devices, notebooks computers, two-way pagers, and GPS gat, and many more. The most interesting fact is, the whole process of data sharing, voice documents, and other sharing processes is doing wireless technology.

Declension of mobile networks

There are many types you can dig up when you are trying to know the mobile network technicalities.  Today we will discuss some declensions of mobile networks.

Cellular Network

A cellular network is that kind of network where switching frequencies is the main task. People enquire about their doings with the assistance of cellular networks. It maintains a process. By maintaining the whole process, you can say the cellular network can be provided.


There are some allotted cell towers that can provide you radio networks. These radio networks directly go through your mobile apparatuses. By using the radio networks and the device system, there are some sorts of work. Switching off the cellular networks can help you to turn on the radio frequency. This can help you to accommodate many users.

1G networking

In this era of technology, you got to know the very first motive behind the scenes.  You could know the plan, the statistics, the tactics, and all. All cellular data plan was going to start from here.

2G networking

Here, G means generation. So, 2G means a second-generation internet system. By 2G network system, there are many works can be done easily. In this 2G era, we first get to know about the text messages. Though data sharing process was not so good as now. But for then, it was more than good. In this epoch, people first got to know about data transfer and data sharing.

3G networking

Do you ever feel the urge to know when did we start the video calls? Yes! You guess it right. In this 3G networking system, we got to introduce ourselves as the first step of the smartphone era. By introducing 3G, today we are here. Basically, 3G makes scientists more hopeful that, we can achieve anything.

4G networking

4G stands for the fourth generation which has a ten times faster network than 3G.  There is good news that 5G is coming. 5G is twenty times faster than 4G. So, you can easily understand the point. The cellular data is improving day by day. Once cellular data used to define as wired. But now the era change, the process as well.

Today you can find the wireless data access system. You can define 4G as a packet-switching technology. Suppose, we can divide data into some sorts of data. After that, the sorted data is distributed for transmission and reassembling.

What is 5G?

5G stands for the fifth generation. People have been used the 2G,3G, and 4G. They were improving their connection system by improving their bandwidth length. Many technologists think that it can be faster and share data as soon as possible.  So, you can easily understand 5G can be the another generation of technology with a high-frequency deliverance system.

What are the differences between 1G,2G,3G,4G, and 5G?

Here is the simple amplification of G,  G means Generation. Now, you can comprehend the internet speed by defining the meaning of 1G,2G,3G,4G, and 5G.

When you connect the internet to your device, your internet depends on the signal strength.  Basically, it shows on the signal bar on your device.

Every generation indicates the specific network implementation which can be more improvised in the updated technology. From generation to generation the network speed meets the high-frequency wave. That can help you to achieve another peak of the updated technology.

The internet generation journey was started in  1979 with 1G. Then you could find everything wired. So, wireless internet connection and sharing wavelength is the biggest achievement. This process is continuing and now we are going to get the fifth-generation internet network access and obviously wireless system. This can be the most powerful action in history. Every generation has a motto to achieve their desired part. We hope that the fifth generation can meet their motto.

So the basic difference between 1G to 5G is the speed availability. You could not get the speed that time as much as you have now. Also, you will get more speed resolution when you meet another generation. Each and every generation come with an extra facility. 1G is the analog internet system. Talking about the speed 1G is defined as 2.4 Kbps, 2G is 64 Kbps, 3G can offer you 144 Kbps to 2 Mbps, 4 G can do 100 Mbps to 1Gbps. And now the 5G has more limitation to supply internet communication.

2G has some other features. It was the recent past from going to the smartphone era. So, this 2G could help you out from different angles, wavelength, radio frequency, and so on.

Whether the 3G has the most significant value of technology history. With the help of it, we could come across the updated internet communication.

After that, there came 3.5G with some extra preferences of internet.  With the 4G connection, you can find the most interesting and important implementation to the technology. From that, we are going to experience the most awaited 5G internet service.

So, the basic difference is the speed with some other day-to-day updated features. We can surely say that we can experience more generation with a more updated version of technical Improvements.

Verdict :

The telecommunication system is improving day by day. So, today you can see the mobile network technology, you will find it more updated after some years. It is a must. You can find more features to cope up with the newcomers.


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